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How our Program runs:

The Columbine Girls Lacrosse program functions through a Booster Club which consists of around 4-5 members who are responsible for team communication, scheduling team events including special games, team dinners and our day of service. They also help support the team financially by fundraising, making team item purchases, and much more. Contact us today at if you are interested in joining the Booster Club or volunteering this upcoming season!

Allie Burdick


Allie has a daughter Maggie on the team. Allie is responsible for overseeing and managing the operations and activities of the club. She serves as the leader and spokesperson for the organization, working closely with coaches, parents, and players.

Stacey Kruse


Stacey joined the booster club in 2023 and has a daughter, Marissa that is joining the team. Stacey is responsible for helping maintain the website as well helping coordinate fundraising, special events, and finding volunteers.

Jamie Hamada


Jamie has been on the booster club for two years and has a daughter, Amaya on the team. Jamie is responsible for helping coordinate fundraising, special events, and finding volunteers.

Morgan Paxson


Morgan has been a part of the Booster Club since the Summer of 2022 and has a daughter, Stella on the team. Morgan manages the clubs financials. This is a very crucial and important role.

Sarah Ballantyne


Sarah has been on the Booster Club for two years and has a daughter, Elise on the team. Sarah is responsible for team communication, documenting our Booster Club meetings, and much more.

Are you interested?

If you are interested in immediately filling a vacant Booster Club position or shadowing a position this year to prepare for filling a position in a future year, please reach out to us at and we are happy to provide more information. Even if your experience doesn’t fit one of the positions listed, we always appreciate any help!

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